The US Senators support the increased presence of US troops in Poland
The US Senators support the increased presence ...
- Today I heard words of support from senators who declared their support for the whole concept of strengthening the US presence in our country - said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense after the talks in the Senate.

On 14 November, the National Defense Minister met in Washington with senators: Republican Dan Sullivan, Tom Cotton and Tim Scott, and John Reed of the Democratic Party. Minister Błaszczak regularly meets with American politicians and convinces them to support the project to strengthen the presence of US troops in Poland. Wednesday was the next day of talks with the US administration about the permanent presence of US troops in Poland.

- We will discuss details in the working group established at the Pentagon. It will be works that I am convinced will be successful. After today's meeting, among others with Senator Reed I am convinced that at least on the part of Senators, this project will be treated as a project going beyond political divisions. Its purpose is, after all, to ensure security - said the head of the National Defense Ministry after the meeting.

Minister Blaszczak, when asked about the involvement of other countries in this project, indicated that Poland would inform its allies within NATO about the progress of work related to increasing the permanent presence of US troops in Poland, but their participation in negotiations is not expected.

- In my opinion, we deal with bilateral relations and Polish-US negotiations. Our allies are not negotiators in these talks - he added.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense announced that the next intergovernmental meeting in which he will take part will take place at the beginning of next year. Until then, the Polish side will analyze, among others, evaluations to the project received yesterday during talks at the Pentagon.

- I believe that our joint Polish - US project will be a success. We do not underestimate the dangers faced by today's world. For us and for the US, security is a priority - the Defence Minister added at the end.






Yesterday, the Defense Minister met with James Mattis, Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. During the meeting, the head of the National Defense Ministry emphasized that increasing the US military presence in our country would increase the security of both the eastern flank and the entire NATO.

This was the fifth visit of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak in the US related to the project to increase the presence of US troops in Poland.