The new Operational Commander
The new Operational Commander
- Major General Tomasz Piotrowski is an officer who has the appropriate knowledge to take the position of Operational Commander. He performed, among others function of the deputy commander of the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan. This is a challenge, General, but I am convinced that you will face it - said Mariusz Blaszczak, the Minister of National Defense during the ceremony of handing over the duties as the Operational Commander.

On Monday in Warsaw a ceremony took place, during which the current Operational Commander, General Sławomir Wojciechowski, handed over the duties to his successor, Maj. Gen. Tomasz Piotrowski.

Addressing General Wojciechowski, the head of the Ministry of Defense said - Thank you for your service, for your commitment and for professionalism. In two days you will take command in the Multinational Corps, and thus you will be the highest-ranking commander of the North Atlantic Alliance in our part of Europe. It is also a serious challenge, but due to the experience of yours, General, I am also confident that this challenge will be filled with solid service.

The Minister pointed out that building strong relations in the Alliance and strengthening our presence in it is also one of the elements of ensuring security for Poland and Poles.


The President of the Republic of Poland, the Superior of the Polish Armed Forces Andrzej Duda, pursuant to art. 134 sec. 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, appointed Major General Tomasz Piotrowski as the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces. Gen. T. Piotrowski took over the position on September 8, 2018.