New EU defense initiatives serve the security of Poland
New EU defense initiatives serve the security o...
The process of implementation of the new defense initiatives, in particular PESCO and prospects for the development of the defense industry were the main topics discussed by Mariusz Błaszczak, the minister of national defense with the Chief Executive of the European Defense Agency, Jorg Domecq.

On Tuesday, the head of the Ministry of National Defense met with the delegation of the European Defense Agency led by the Chief Executive. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister Marek Łapiński.

During the meeting, the Defense Minister discussed issues that affect the development of defense capabilities and are within the competence of the Agency. He stressed that the efforts of all countries around EDA should lead, among others, to support the development of technologically advanced defense capabilities that would respond to EU priorities and NATO objectives.

Minister Mariusz Błaszczak talked about the approach to the development of defense capabilities in the EU. As he noted, the undertakings of the EU should not be a duplication of those implemented by NATO, but should complement them. One of these projects is PESCO (permanent structured cooperation) in the field of common security and defense policy.



The European Defense Agency (EDA) supports cooperation, implements new initiatives and introduces solutions that enhance defense capabilities. It also supports cooperation in the field of defense between EU countries. EDA's tasks include the development of defense capabilities in the field of crisis management, the promotion and development of European armaments cooperation and the increase in efficiency in European research and defense technologies.