New Armed Forces Development Program
New Armed Forces Development Program
Strengthening of combat potential and improvement of operational capabilities, including priority treatment of the north-east flank by, among others, acceleration of the formation of the 18th Mechanized Division, increase in the completion of the 16th Division and reconstruction of the anti-tank regiment in Suwałki - these are the main assumptions of the Armed Forces Development Program for years 2017-2026. The regulation establishing the Program was signed today by Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

The essential parts of this document are also:

  • continuation of the formation of the Territorial Defense Forces,
  • creation of cyber defense forces,
  • implementation of a new command and control system for armed forces,
  • introduction of modern weapon systems for air defense and of long range missile artillery,
  • achievement of combat readiness of the Multinational Division North-East
  • improving the support and combat capabilities of our divisions by forming logistic regiments and a reconnaissance battalion as parts of divisions.

The program for the development of armed forces determines in detail scope of modernization of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and plans of harmonious development concerning all operational abilities, training system and dislocation of military units for the coming years. The document also defines current order of battle of our Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces Development Program is a classified document and forms the basis for further detailed planning work at subsequent levels of management and command. The next step will be to develop and refine its content in the form of a so-called derivative plans (major and complementary), including the issue of the Technical Modernization Plan for 2017-2026.


At the end of May this year the Council of Ministers adopted the "Detailed directions of reform and technical modernization of the Armed Forces for 2017-2026". The document is indispensable for concluding long-term contracts. The resolution is the basis for programming the development of armed forces.

The current leadership of the Ministry of National Defense puts as the priority the modernization of the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces and making the necessary organizational changes that will allow effective service in protection of the independence of our country and ensuring the security and inviolability of its borders.

September 18th, this year the Council of Ministers adopted the draft amendment of bill on the reform and technical modernization and financing of armed forces developed by the Ministry of National Defense. The amendment provides for extending the planning period from 10 to 15 years and updating these plans every 4 years. On November 22nd, the project was discussed and accepted by the Senate.

Acquiring modern defense technologies and advanced weapon systems requires a longer perspective on resource planning. The introduced changes will adapt the national planning cycle to long-term investments. The new act will also ensure coherence with the regulations functioning in the North Atlantic Alliance. The amendment to the act will contribute to obtaining funds for long-term modernization programs, which was very difficult in the previous planning perspective.