MOD head at the Warsaw conference of the most important NATO military authority
MOD head at the Warsaw conference of the most i...
- The NATO Military Committee is important also today, when NATO once again adapts to new challenges coming from Russia's aggressive policy and from wide range of threats from the south - emphasized Mariusz Blaszczak, the Minister of National Defense at the NATO Military Committee in Warsaw.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense participated in the conference of 29 Chiefs of Defence of the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance on September, 29 in Warsaw. This is the first meeting of the highest military NATO body that took place in Poland since 2006.

- That’s good that the '360 degrees' principle is applied in practice, because it is important that all allies are satisfied with NATO's activities, that our actions would give more answers to all of us, of course in cooperation with other organizations, like the European Union - said the head Defense Ministry, bringing the attention to the need to support all Allies, even in those areas where a given member of the alliance does not have direct strategic interests.

According to minister Mariusz Błaszczak, Poland does not only expect security from NATO, but also provides it - hence the presence of Poles in Afghanistan or in the anti-terrorist coalition.

- We welcome NATO adaptation in the area of deterrence and defense (...). What is needed is not only strengthening in the east, but also having forces on the spot. They would increase the credibility and effectiveness of NATO's deterrence and defense policy, becoming its integral part. We welcome the reflection on the purpose and possible form of such presence in Poland that our American ally has begun. We believe that ultimately the solutions will serve the security of the entire Alliance, strengthening its political coherence and military effectiveness. We want and are ready to do our best in the role of the host nation - Minister Mariusz Blaszczak assured.

The NATO Military Committee has been in Warsaw since September 28. The Chiefs of Defense of NATO countries were welcomed in Poland by President Andrzej Duda and minister Mariusz Błaszczak during the ceremony at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. All the most important soldiers of the 29 member countries received from the hands of the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, Lieutenant General Rajmund Andrzejczak, medal of the 100th anniversary of the General Staff of the Polish Army.

The meeting of the Military Committee was opened by its Chairman British General Sir Stuart Peach. The main topics of the debates of the Chiefs of Defense are the presence of NATO troops on the eastern flank of the Alliance, the implementation process of the NATO summit in Brussels and Warsaw decisions, in particular NATO readiness initiative 4x30, reform of the NATO command structure and the election of the head of the International Military Staff of NATO.

- Poland is a leading member of the alliance. Poland's Armed Forces are the important component of NATO's military capabilities, especially in the Baltic region. Poland is in the future the host of the NATO ballistic missile defense system, the Multinational Corps North-East in Szczecin and the NATO battle group and the superior division in Elbląg. All this shows Poland's continued commitment to NATO - General Peach said, starting the committee conference.

The head of the Defense Ministry, speaking to the Chiefs of Defense of 29 NATO member states, expressed hope that the Military Committee will continue to support decisions  of the NATO summits in Warsaw and Brussels, which have not yet been realized - completion of work on the new command structure of NATO, appointment of new commands, preparation of an effective response to current threats, as well as development of a comprehensive concept of strengthening the Alliance. The NATO Military Committee meets in Warsaw from 28 to 30 September this year.